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Mohican naturalist programs

Below is a list and brief description of the programs that will take place at Mohican State Park. All programs are open to campers, people staying at the lodge/cabins, and general public. The programs will take place or start from the nature center, covered bridge area, picnic shelter, or lodge. For a detailed program schedule for a specific weekend please contact the naturalist, Lisa Durham at (419) 994-5125 or visit .


Snakes Alive:
See some of Ohio’s native snakes up close and personal. This program is a great picture opportunity for all friends and families! Meet Lisa the naturalist at the Mohican Lodge.
Time: approximately 1 hour

River Walk: If Rocks Could Talk:
A little warm from the sun? Lisa will guide you through the cool river water in search of the history of Mohican throught the rocks you find. This program begins at the picnic shelter.
Time: approximately 1-1.5 hour

Critter Open House:
Visit the Mohican State Park’s new nature center and discover many of Ohio’s native critters. Learn how a racoon fishes for his food or how a tadpole becomes a frog.
Time: approximately 1-1.5 hours

Turtle Sunday:
Join Naturalist Lisa at the lodge to learn more about turtles and see live native species from Ohio.
Time: approximately 1-1.5 hours

Mohican Helpers 1:
Be a helper of the environment. Join Lisa on a “Keep Mohican Beautiful” program with litter pick up, trail maintenance or just overall beautification of the park and forest. Meets at the covered bridge.
Time: approximately 1-1.5 hours

Amphibian Hunt:
Lisa will guide everyone on a search to find amphibians throughout the campground. Be prepared to be surprised how many different types call Mohican home. Meet at the Hemlock Gorge Trail Head in the main campground.
Time: approximately 1 hour

Join Lisa at the lodge to learn why Mohican State Park & Forest has been designated as an Important Bird Area by The National Audubon Society. The area provides visitors with a wonderful bird watching experience, whether you are a first timer or a pro.
Time: approximately 1-1.5 hours

Forest Foraging Hike:
Lisa will show what you can survive safely on if ever lost in the woods. Meet at the lodge.
Time: approximately 1-1.5 hours

Gazebo Hike:
Meet Lisa at the lodge to walk the beautiful paved trail to the gazebo that overlooks Pleasant Hill Lake. Of course, keep an eye out for wildlife that frequents the area.
Time: approximately 1-1.5 hours

Butterfly Hunt:
Join the park naturalist on a walk throughout the campground observing the different types of butterflies to migrate to Mohican every year. Meet at the nature center.
Time: approximately 1-1.5 hours

Leave No Trace:
Lisa will explain the concept of ‘leaving no trace” while enjoying the outdoors and how you can help keep American’s natural and wild areas pristine for future generations with simple and basic rules of thumb.
Time: approximately 1-1.5 hours

Night Hike:
Join the park naturalist to explore the wonders of the night and how animals have adapted to their nocturnal ways. Meet at the covered bridge.
Time: approximately 1-1.5 hours

Owl Hike:
Make a resolution to get outside more!  An owl hike is a great way to get started.  This is a great time of year to talk about owls and seek them at night. Learn the different calls they make and we will see if we can get them to answer.
Time: approximately 1.5-2 hours